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Thinking about a knockout audio system for your car? Not sure what you need, want, or can afford? Car Audio For Dummies is a great place to find some answers!
But wait — what if speakers that vibrate your floorboards don’t turn you on? What if you’re thinking more about hands-free phone access and a DVD player to entertain the kids? Surprise! Car Audio For Dummies can give you a hand there, too. Whether you want to feel as if your favorite band is performing right on top of your dashboard or you want to keep the soccer team entertained on the way to the tournament, this friendly guide can help.

From planning your system and buying components to getting them installed and protecting your investment, you’ll find plenty of wise advice. Get the scoop on:

Figuring out what kind of equipment you need to do what you want
Identifying good sound quality when you hear it
Adding components to a factory system
Choosing a video player, hands-free phone system, amplifiers, speakers, and more
Finding a reliable installer (today’s automotive electronics systems are so complex that you probably won’t want to go it alone)
Understanding warranties and returns
Protecting and insuring your system
Car Audio For Dummies is sort of like that knowledgeable friend you want to take along when you tackle a project like this. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?[!isbn :978-0-470-15158-7!]

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